• Our Services

     Services That Music House Always Make Sure To Provide;

    -Instrument tuning and maintenance.

    -Piano Delivering 

    -Exstensive Programs of workshops & Concerts 

    -A range of enrichment activities including bands, orchestras and choir for all abilities and ages

    -Birthdays for all ages

    -Event Mangment 

    -Providing opportunities to experience music therapy 

    -Jam room for bands, orchestras and choir rehearsals 


    Dr. Ayman Tayseer: CEO, General Director 

    Dr. Ayman Tayseer is the director and founder of the Music House, received a PhD in Musicology from Holy Sprit Lebanon. During his career Dr. Tayseer got Highest Honors and Outstanding Vocalist awards from the Musicians Institute in Jordan and around the World.   He is a professional singer, a creative composer and Qanon and Oud player. He has been teaching music 22 years.

    To learn more about Dr. Ayman Tayseer musical journey: click on the link below :



    Our Music Staff:


    Ayman Ammari

    Nizar Rabadi

    Victoria Wagokh

    Hanan Shukhon

    Rose Al-Wer

    Anna Tobah


    Ghasan Marrar

    Hilmi Fanni

    Basel Hanini


    Ali Fanni


    Wara'a A.Kader

    Fatima Sameraei

    Oud & Qanoud

    Dr.Ayman Tayseer


    Rose Al-Wer

    Oriental singing:

    Dr.Ayman Tayseer 


    Amjad Abdulatif


    Amjad Abdulatif


    Hasan Minawi


    Alaa Takrori


  • Our Last Events

    رجعت ليالي زمان

    A Charity Concert for university students in need by Dr.Ayman Tayseer and Karima Al-Siqily in 22nd September 2012. By the help of الايادي الواعدة


     SOS (Group of Orphans and in need Children) Visted us in Music House in April 2012, where a lot of charity work was provided for the kids. 

    Ya'rub Smeirat Concert

     Tribute of oriental violin with Ya'rub Smeirat 

    Abdul-Wahab Kayali & Friends

     Abdul-Wahab Kayali And Friends Preformed at Music House Thursday 8th of September 2011

    Sharq Band Concert

     Sharq Band preformed @ Music House; September 29-30 2011 

    Christmas Celebration 2011

    Our very first christmas students' concert for our talented kids. Our House was filled with joy and happiness. And is looking forward for more concerts for our creative students. 

    La Prima Ensemble

    The First La Prima Ensemble concert of our very talented students aged between 12-20 at Zara Expo , Under Her Royal Highness Princess Rym Ali.

    Oriental Jazz Concert

    Oriental Jazz Concert @ Music House 28 March 2012

    Dr.Ayman Tayseer 

                                          Black Ice Jazz Band & Katrina Jazz Singer 

    Fukushima Memorial Charity Concert

     It was a full house concert, Takako (Oprah Singer), and Ayaka Sato (Piano accompaniment) preformed Oprah Songs with high profationalism. people left with lots of nice memories and high spirit, and MusicHouse will keep on its high standard                                                                       with all what we inted to do in the future..

    Citadel Nights

     Music House Choir at Citadel on 9th August 2012

    Music House Grand Opening

     Music House Grand Opening in September 2011 By her Royal Highness Princess Rym Ali.

    Music House 2nd Students' concert

    It Was Such A Charming Atmosphere Filled With Joy 

    Children Between Two Worlds

    Grand Opening of Children Between Two Worlds Art Gallery by Aktham Al-Sayegh Under Her Her Royal Highness princess Najla'a Bint Asim. 


     Lughat Art Gallery Opening 

  • Our Future Events

    Sufi Concert

    امسية التراتيل الصوفية . يحيها الفنان د. ايمن تيسير و الفنانة روز الور والفنانة هيفاء كمال و الشماس عماد البواب. 

    يوم الاثنين الموافق 11-2-2013

    مركز الحسين الثقافي - راس العين 

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    Fax:  +96265930804

    Email: info@musichouse.com



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  • Vision & Mission

    Music House was born in 2011 out of one mans love for music & commitment to Quality Arts Education. Ayman Tayseers love built the Music House on the foundation of providing Quality Arts Education to all groups of society. As he always aims to create a cultural fabric that will be recognized for his dedication to artistic excellence generation.

    Music House not only provides the enjoyment and understanding of Art but also develops skills that enrich quality of life, nourish the human spirit, and foster the growth of intellect, creativity, and character.

    The premises are set up to receive 500 students, has a special 12 music class rooms, a huge dancing hall, well equipped Gallary, and cultural center that can host 200 audience, a specialized music hall for Music therapy. As the name indicates Music House will provide not only the Quality Arts Education but also the warmth, sensibility and the true feeling at home.

    Music goes beyond words in its power to express human emotion. It is both the form and the content of human experience, being both exquisitely precise and richly ambiguous. For children, it constitutes the ultimate education and preparation for life.

    The venue of the Music House is well prepared Art School to accommodate teaching and training all age groups interested in all kinds of Art. Private as well as group courses are provided in playing music instruments, singing, drawing and dancing.  A big cultural hall and Gallery are important part of the venue that have witnessed lots of Art exhibitions and musical concerts.