• Music School

    The Music School is specialized in the education of Oriental and Western music for beginners and music lovers of all age groups. Studies are conducted in two principal streams: the Formal Program; enabling students to specialize in music from an early age, and the Amateur Program, which is open to those interested in acquiring musical knowledge and technique.

    In addition to its methodical approach, the Music School provides several creative and supportive group activities that aim to nurture the talent of the student, including:


    -Oriental Music Ensemble,

    -Choir for children,

    -Choir for adults,

    -Theory of Western and Arabic music,


    -La Prima Violin Ensemble;

    -Music Workshops and Master Classes;

    -Participation in Competitions and Music Public Events.


    Instruments Taught

    Piano • Guitar • Drums • Bass (double and electric) • Percussion • Drums •Flute • Oboe • Trumpet • Saxophone • French Horn • Violin • Oud •Qanon • Saz


    Music programs offered:

    Early Childhood Music Program

    Primary and Intermediate Music Program

    Music Theory and Solfège Singing

    Kinder Music (Growing Melodies)

     Music Theory and Solfège Singing: 

     Theory consists of learning musical terminology, clapping rhythm patterns, studying note reading and applying newly gained knowledge to instruments. A bridge step between seeing the note and playing the note on the instrument is a crucial element of the Music House method and it consists of pointing and singing of the notes by using Solfège names . 
    The whole learning experience of reading and understanding notation becomes effortless, fun and melodic.

     Voice Lessons: 

    Music House synonymous with its founder and director Dr. Ayman Tayseer, the famous professional singer and composer, aims to be the top-quality training center that offers techniques in voice and performance that will allow several individuals to achieve professional singing careers. The center is specialized in many types of vocal styles: Oriental singing,  Opera, and Modern singing.  Lessons are private and include correct breathing techniques, vocal placement and control. Students will be given exercises tailored to develop their individual voices and study and perform in a variety of music styles. Coaching is available in performance skills as well.

     Private Singing Lessons:

     singing basics and teach you all the techniques to improve your voice.

    Group Singing Lessons:

    We have Group Singing Lessons for kids and adults. Kids can start as early as 5 years old. Adult can be as old as 70 years to enjoy singing.Group lessons are an affordable way to learn how to sing and a great way to meet like-minded people and have a lot of fun.


  • Dancing School

    The Mission of The Dancing School is to develop strong and well educated dancers through the physical and mental discipline that are a part of dance.

    Through exposure to, and appreciation of all features of the art of dance Dancing School strive to help each student develop a positive self image, experience the joy of dance, and achieve his/her maximum potential as a dancer. Classes are available for all ages and skill levels. Classes are taught by professional dance teachers with extensive backgrounds in their areas of instruction.


    Dancing Classes:

    Ballet • Hip Hop • Break Dance • Popping • Break Dance • Oriental • Zomba • Salsa•

  • Show Room

    Music House show room have a full line of quality musical instruments for sale or rent at extremely competitive prices.  Our instrument selection includes string, percussion and band instruments, guitars and amps, and new and used acoustic and digital pianos from respected makers. Musical specialists are available and happy to assist you in finding the right musical instruments or accessories to fit your budget and musical expectations.

    Music House also offers maintenance and repair to all types of music instruments. Our qualified piano technicians provide services to keep our customers' pianos well tuned to provide the best quality of sound.   




  • Miqdad Ennab Art Avenue (Gallery and Cultural Center)

    The gallery is named in memory of Miqdad Anab, who was a true friend difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. As the demand for hosting guanine cultural events, and displaying the creativity and the talents of visual artists - both local and international is expanding the avenue is launced with the following mission:

    ·  To promote the arts and cultural development for the benefit of the community

    ·  To create public awareness and appreciation of its programs and activities

    ·  To offer support activities for the cultural arts series and events

    ·  To focus the public's attention on the Miqdad Annab Art Avenue as a vital part of the Music House and the surrounding communities.


    In the memory of a true friend , Miqdad Annab Art Gallery was established one year after his absence. We believe that the person's soul continues to live forever and this gallery is an honor to his everlasting presence, nourished with the beauty of Art.
    Hosting guanine cultural events, displaying talents of visual local and international artists, holding lectures, workshops and Art education courses are the activities held in the gallery alongside with charitable events and participations in different factors.

    Contact us; 
    Web: Gallery@musichouse.jo
    Tel:   +96265933443
    Mob: +962776311454
    Mob: +962795411179
    Fax:  +96265930804
    Facebook page; Miqdad Annab Art Gallery